patient #114

below timeline is before, during healing, and the end result after 1st treatment. Notes swelling of bottom lip

July 9th immediately before 2nd treatment. This photo was taken right before the 2nd treatment on April 23rd with 1 cc of Artecoll in upper and lower borders and .5 cc in upper lip and .5 cc in laugh lines July 9th immediately after 2nd treatment. This photo was taken right after the 2nd treatment. 1cc of Artecoll in upper lip and .5 cc under eyes and touch up nasolabials - slight bruising, swelling
3rd visit - 1cc in upper lip only - no bruising!!!
You can see the injection spots. FINALLY HAPPINESS!!!
Before & After Artecoll (total 3 cc; or 6 syringes)
(the above photo on the right was taken on Sept. 10, 2001
immediately after injection, right outside the doctor's office)
(residual swelling and bruising on left)
Angel is so gorgeous - she has no idea!